The New Fitbit Versa 2 Will Be Your Personal Sleep Trainer From Now On

It’s no surprise how Fitbit became a household name. Just like how motorcycles are associated with the Harley-Davidson, one can always be found saying they’re wearing a Fitbit, even if it’s an offshoot version, or a Garmin, or a Samsung.

In any case, the new Fitbit Versa 2 has arrived to try and sweep smartwatch fanatics and newcomers off their feet. 

The Versa 2 takes all that was loved in the first Versa and combines that with shiny new features, including an always-on display mode on a crisp AMOLED screen, voice-enabled text messaging, as well as official Alexa and Spotify support.

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Arguably the crème de la crème of the lot are the Sleep Score function. 

Sleep Score is a way to track how much you sleep on average every night, and with it, come a couple of other functions that can improve your sleeping habits. Your Sleep Score is based on your heart rate during sleep, restlessness, time awake and Sleep Stages. 

In a future firmware update, there will be the Smart Wake function that can further enhance your Sleep Score. This is essentially a smart alarm, which uses machine learning to wake you up during an optimal time based on your sleep cycle when in light or REM sleep. It’s based on a pre-selected 30-minute window in which you can wake up feeling at your perkiest. Perfect for your average working Singaporean, who averages no more than 7 hours of sleep per night (usually lesser than that based on our work culture).

The Fitbit Versa 2 will be available in Singapore on September 15 at any leading local retailers across the island, or online at the Fitbit official flagship store on Lazada, or on Amazon. It will retail for S$318. There will also be a Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition, which comes outfitted with a premium jacquard woven band and classic silicone bane worth S$358.

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And as with any Fitbit smartwatch, the Versa 2 can be accessorised with a slew of fashionable bands of varying colours and designs for your choosing, and will range from S$49.90 to S$74.90.

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