The New Microsoft Surface Hub 2S Is The Future Of Collaboration, For A Price

To say the life of a 21st centurion is a fast one is an understatement. In a professional environment, one needs to always be on their toes, especially on days chock full of team meetings and collaborations. Microsoft has already taken steps to ease the workplace’s burdens by introducing the Microsoft Surface Hub back in 2015.

But while the Surface Hub was certainly a game-changer with its interactive whiteboard touchscreen, built-in mics and cameras for on-call meetings, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality, it didn’t allow much for flexibility in changing schedules, meeting materials, and whatnot.

That’s where Microsoft saw these inherent problems, and hence worked in tandem with US-based furniture manufacturer Steelcase to bring the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S and Steelcase Roam to the fore. 

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First introduced in April this year, the Surface Hub 2S is everything its predecessor was, and then some. While it can be certainly mounted just like the original, the Surface Hub 2S better fulfills the role of being a mobile interactive whiteboard in a public setting, in this case an office or institution.

Firstly, it ditches the static aspect of of the wall mount, and comes mounted on the Steelcase Roam to allow it to be moved across rooms. 

Next, the ability to quickly wipe all your data after using the Surface Hub 2S is another factor that makes it an invaluable asset to the office. Utilising Microsoft Azure Cloud, you can port your meeting details, images and contacts over to the Surface Hub 2S. Whatever documents you have on Microsoft Office or Outlook can be accessed via OneDrive, and once you’re done with the meeting, you can simply wipe all of your data with just one touch, so you don’t have to worry about your files and documents being left there should a new group take over. 

The 4K+ 50-inch multi-touch display allows you to express your ideas with full control on the Surface Hub 2S. The new Surface Hub 2 Pen enhances this further, with improved control over its previous iteration. Also, it now comes with an in-built eraser by simply flipping it on its back and erasing any mistakes away.

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What is a device built for the office without cameras and mics? The Surface Hub 2S comes equipped with a 4K camera, which allows for high-fidelity images when someone is dialing in on Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business. The in-built speakers and far-field microphone arrays allows for comfortable communication to and from the Surface Hub 2S.

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is now available in Singapore for the retail price of S$13,398 (excluding GST), and will be available at all authorised commercial resellers across the island.

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