The First Order Unleashes Flying Stormtroopers In New Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Clip

A new clip from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has been released online, showing First Order Stormtroopers coming after Rey, Poe, Finn and the rest of the gang in a desert Pasaana Speeder Chase. The video reveals an upgrade to the Stormtrooper’s armour. The upgrade? Jetpacks. 

That’s right! Stormtroopers can fly now. The First Order Jet Trooper was first revealed at the D23 Expo back in August, and even Hasbro has already released it as a Black Series action figure already, this is the first time they are shown in action.

The new addition of jetpacks to Stormtroopers’ armours is definitely a major upgrade. What other upgrades are made then? Will it help improve their abysmal aim? Do other characters get upgrades too? Oh man, there’s so much we want to know!

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