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TGS 2018: Frenetic Shootouts Aplenty In Blood & Truth (PS VR)

Superhot VR was, well, super hot when it was first released, with its highly-creative design choices, simple game...

Tetris Effect Launches This November!

Immerse yourself this coming November!

E3 2018: Aiming Down VR Sights With Firewall Zero Hour

With the VR space getting even more accessible and advanced almost every year, there is zero doubt that...

E3 2018: Beat Saber Brings Intense Rhythm Action To PlayStation VR!

Lightsaber and music – a good end to Sony's pre-E3 showcase.

Geek Review: The Inpatient

Turn off the lights, get them headphones in, and bring spare pants.

Geek Review – Justice League VR: The Complete Experience

Unlike its movie counterparts, there is no reason to try Justice League VR at all.

PlayStation Experience 2017 Trailers Roundup!

All the trailers of gaming goodness you'll need for this weekend at PlayStation Experience 2017!

PlayStation Experience 2017 Day 1 Recap!

PlayStation Experience 2017 kicks off the first night with more details about the games we love!

Paris Games Week 2017: Sony’s Press Conference

Sony and PlayStation kicked off Paris Games Week with games, games, and more games!

Geek Review: Superhot VR

Superhot VR brings the already great shooter to new heights!

TGS 2017: Three Upcoming PS VR Titles To Look Out For

Team Bravo, The Inpatient and Anubis Zone of the Enders: Mars are my hot picks from the showfloor.

Geek Review: Farpoint & PS VR Aim Controller

Satisfying gunplay, a serviceable plot, and an immersive VR experience makes Farpoint my favourite PS VR game to...