Creativity Runs Wild In Concrete Genie’s PlayStation VR Modes

It’s said that creativity and imagination can become powerful tools in the right hands, and in San Mateo Studio’s upcoming indie gem Concrete Genie, that would apply to small hands as well.

The hands of a boy named Ash, that is. As the young star of this charming, little narrative, he seeks to paint his ruined seaside town of Denska back to life with a magic brush, while exploring the world beyond. Following a story trailer release at the recent PlayStation State of Play showcase, the team has unveiled more details about the game’s two special VR modes that were also announced during the event.

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The first one, titled VR Experience, revolves around Splotch as the lead character – a curious Genie beneath Denska’s lighthouse who’s on a quest to seek out and unlock a mysterious power. There’s nothing much to go on beyond that, but the team promises that a “pretty special” experience will be in store, as the paintbrush’s Living Paint feature is put to use in a “completely new way”.

Upon completion, players are granted access to the VR Free Paint mode, where they are greeted with the choice between four unique Denska locations. Choose one, and get ready to experiment and play with all Living Paint and Genie creation brush unlocks – it’s art explosion galore, we’d reckon.

Both modes will require the use of two Move controllers, and are slated for a same-day launch alongside the base game in Fall 2019. Our hands-on experience with Concrete Genie back at TGS 2018 was quite pleasant, and it has only continued to impress enthusiasts since.