‘Alien: Romulus’ First Teaser Reveals Connections To Original Film

The Alien franchise is set to expand with the latest entry, Alien: Romulus, slated for release on 16 August 2024.

The project, initially teased at 2019’s CinemaCon post-Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox, has evolved significantly from Neill Blomkamp’s scrapped Alien: Awakening. Under Fede Álvarez’s direction, known for Evil Dead (2013) and Don’t Breathe (2016), the film introduces a new storyline and cast, distancing itself from its predecessors while promising a riveting blend of horror and sci-fi.

Alien: Romulus embarks on a fresh narrative on a distant world, where a group of youths encounters the dreaded Xenomorph. The story, nestled between the timelines of Alien and its sequel, Aliens, unveils a long-abandoned Weyland-Yutani research station named Romulus. The plot thickens as six scavengers, led by Rain (Cailee Spaeny) and her synthetic brother Andy (David Jonsson), explore the station, unknowingly stepping into a nightmare.

The teaser teases a familiar threat — the Facehuggers, hinting at a visceral encounter with the iconic aliens. Cailee Spaeny’s Rain emerges as the franchise’s new beacon of bravery, reminiscent of Ripley’s legacy. The film aspires to bridge the gap between Ridley Scott’s suspenseful masterpiece and James Cameron’s action-packed sequel, delivering a spectacle that honours both.

The synopsis on IMDB reads,

“Young people from a distant world must face the most terrifying life form in the universe.”

Alien: Romulus

With Álvarez at the helm and the original xenomorph design team onboard, Alien: Romulus not only nods to the saga’s roots but also ventures into unexplored territories of the Alien universe. New forms of Xenomorphs promise a ferocious battle, set against the backdrop of an “industrial grit” civilisation and the enigmatic Romulus station.

While Ridley Scott has endorsed the film’s quality, Alien: Romulus showcases the enduring appeal of the Alien saga, aiming to capture the essence of the original while forging its own path. As the film prepares for its 2024 debut, fans and newcomers alike await a thrilling journey into the heart of Alien lore, marked by suspense, gore, and the relentless pursuit of survival.

Alien: Romulus opens in cinemas on 16 August 2024.