Spider-Man’s No Way Home Suit Unveils Fusion Of Stark Tech And Doctor Strange’s Powers

While we know that Doctor Strange will be stepping in to mentor Peter Parker in some form after the death of Tony Stark, it looks like Tom Holland’s next outing will see him wielding Stark Tech AND the Mystic Arts as well.

As part of a whole slew of Spider-Man: No Way Home toy images, we see that Spider-Man will be getting a brand new suit, courtesy of Funko. Dubbed the “Integrated Suit”, it’s a fusion of Tony Stark’s Iron Spider armour and Tao Mandalas, which Doctor Strange creates. Instead of the white glow that we’ve known from Iron Man’s arc reactor in the chest, it has now been replaced by a faint orange/yellow glow associated with the energy shields the Masters of the Mystic Arts conjure.

It also looks like Spidey will go through three new suits for the entirety of the movie. There’s the red and black from the last movie, and the first is an updated version of the Iron Spider which we saw in Avengers: Endgame. Then there is the all-new Black & Gold suit, followed by the Integrated Suit.

The Black & Gold is a nice way of introducing the classic black costume without mentioning Venom, making it look a bit like Tobey Maguire’s black costume from Spider-Man 3 back in 2007. Actually, come to think of it, with strong rumours that he’s reprising his role as Spider-Man in No Way Home, who is to say which version of Peter Parker is behind the mask?

Science plus magic all combined into our neighbourhood Spider-Man? It looks like Peter Parker certainly has big shoes to fill in pushing the MCU forward. The combined powers might be what Tom Holland needs to traverse time and space as he meets friends and foes from the SpiderVerse. With Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus confirming his return, these rumours are in no way quelled.

Here’s a closer look at the new Integrated Suit and Black & Gold Suit from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Series:

Till then we have to enjoy these new toys and make a budget on which to splash cash on once they are out. Check out the full range of Spider-Man: No Way Home toy releases across LEGO, Hasbro and Funko on Marvel.com.

The Funko figures are already up for pre-order on Entertainment Earth for US$10.99 each.

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