LucasArts’ Star Wars: TIE Fighter Gets A Modern Makeover In X-Wing Alliance With Total Conversion Mod

Sometimes, the classics just touch something in us that is irreplaceable by modern iterations. For fans of 1994’s Star Wars: TIE Fighter, long have they been longing for a taste of the amazing space combat that is available for the new generation. Thankfully, the dream is now closer to reality with the release of the TIE Fighter Total Conversion project, which makes use of the engine in Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance to revive all the missions of Star Wars: TIE Fighter in the XWA engine.

With the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade (XWUA) mod as a foundation, this conversion radically overhauls everything in a much more visually stunning package. Not only that, fans can look forward to both the base game and the expansion content.

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In total, there are going to 76 campaign missions and 28 of the original training missions. The first 8 battles of Star Wars: TIE Fighter have also been reimagined with more ships, bigger battles, and with more missions added into the mix. Cutscenes and voiceovers with a remastered iMuse soundtrack are part of the deal as well.

Based on what we have seen, seeing the classic Star Wars: TIE Fighter come alive with updated visuals, even if it is a 22-year-old game running an upgraded engine is simply a pleasure. For fans of the more old-school games, this represents a heaven-sent if you are not exactly feeling Star Wars: Squadrons.

Of course, if you want to experience it for yourself, there are some steps to take. You will need a copy of Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, which is available on Steam or GOG. Following that, make sure you have the XWUA mod installed, followed by the TIE Fighter Total Conversion mod.

Now, go forth and save/doom the galaxy.

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