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Speedrunner Completes Elden Ring In 2.5 Hours Without Dying, Try Beating That

It is bound to happen; just didn’t expect it this soon. The 45-hour-long Elden Ring game, launched less than two weeks ago, has been beaten in just 2.5 hours by speedrunner niko bellic. In contrast, a completionist run takes nearly 100 hours.

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Speedrunners are a special breed of players who ‘breaks’ games by completing them in the fastest ways possible. The speedrun community generally has some rules that they adhere to – outright cheats are disallowed; abusing in-game bugs and exploits, or allowing skipping certain bosses depends on each game’s community.

In niko bellic’s Elden Ring speedrun video (which is labelled as a no-death run; although technically, he did die, as intended by the game, right at the start), he utilised the game’s available tools to complete it in just 2.5 hours.

This is obviously not a first-time blind run of the game. He knew which locations to visit, in which order, used loopholes in enemy logic, skipped most mob fights and also displayed skilful combat during boss fights.

And it is really impressive. In 2.5 hours, most might still be dawdling about in the Stranded Graveyard or in Limgrave. Heck, if niko bellic can speedrun Elden Ring even faster and complete it in under two hours, he can even buy a new copy of the game on Steam, finish it and then still refund the game.

Now by posting the video, an inevitable challenge has been issued. We expect to see other speedrunners beating the time soon. However, by virtue of being the first to speedrun and post about it, niko bellic has certainly earned his time in the spotlight. Well played.

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