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Elden Ring Rune Farming: How To Level Up Fast & Safe, Without Using Exploits

Elden Ring, one of the hottest game releases of early 2022, with plenty of players bound to be hungry to find the best way to farm enough runes in Elden Ring to level up, buy/upgrade gear and incantations/spells. Leveling up one’s character will definitely help make the arduous journey across the lands between an easier one, and this method by far, is the easiest, safest, exploit-free and fastest we have discovered (tried and tested). Just don’t resort to cheating like this.

Elden Ring
Godrick the Grafted.

Before You Embark on Elden Ring Rune Farming…

A few things to note before you embark on this method of Elden Ring rune farming:

  1. You would need to have beaten the second main boss, Godrick the Grafted.
  2. Your character should be at least at level 40 or above (recommended).
  3. You will need a bow (any bow), with arrows of course.
  4. Optional: If you want to give the farming an additional boost throughout, you should get hold of the Gold Scarab Talisman (simply Google “Gold Scarab Talisman Elden Ring”) located in the Abandoned Cave first, which will grant you 20% more runes for defeating enemies.

Here’s a 5-minute session of our playthrough where we earned almost 46,000 in a single run:

Rune Farming Tips

Like what you see? Here are the detailed steps to get to this location where you can farm for runes to your heart’s content. Here are a few things to note when farming:

  1. Right at the start, from the Site of Grace, always look to the left in the distance and fire and arrow to aggro the giant bird so it runs towards you and falls of the cliff and dies, netting you 11,038 runes instantly. All you need is one arrow.
  2. Thereafter, every enemy you kill will net you 2,044 runes and there only two kinds. The red ones patrolling the area that are more dangerous, with a deadly spike spin and they will get aggroed pretty easily. Our advise is to keep your distance and take out all the red ones one by one first, before moving on to the others sitting on the ground. Best of all, the ones sitting down won’t ever get aggroed, so you can slowly take them out one by one, starting with a backstab. Of course, if you are a magic-user and have a powerful AOE spell, this whole process will be a lot faster than picking them out one by one melee-style.
  3. And when we say this is a very safe method, it’s because the Site of Grace is right next to the farming zone, so if you were to die by accident, you can easily claim your runes back easily, and not risk dying again while trying to make your way back to them.
  4. But to play safe, it’s good practice to spend your runes every now and then, instead of hoarding over 100,000 runes and risk losing them due to some other unavoidable glitch.
  5. Once you’re done clearing the area, just run back to the Site of Grace and reset the area and repeat the process again and again. With this method, you can clock up to 500,000 runes per hour.

Ready for another round of rune farming.

How To Get To The Rune Farming Area

So how does one get to this Mohgwyn Palace location? Here are the details steps:

  1. Once you have beaten Godrick, fast travel to the First Step to speak to the NPC. He should no longer be there, and there should be a message telling you to go to the Rose Church.
  2. Go to the Rose Church in Liurna and speak to the NPC who has relocated there (see the screenshot below for its location). The nearest Site of Grace would be the Fallen Ruins of the Lake.
  3. Choose the first dialog option, “Two Fingers seemed off”.
  4. The NPC will then give you x5 Festering Bloody Fingers. You will be told to use it at least 3 times before going back to talk to him.
  5. At this point you will need to use the Festering Bloody Finger to invade other players’ worlds. Do note that you won’t have to beat the other players. You can try your best, but don’t stress about having to win them.
  6. Whether you win or lose all 3 invasion attempts, you can still head back to the NPC again and talk to him, and this time he will give you the Lord of Blood’s Favor.
  7. This next step is a little harder, you will have to travel to the Church of Inhibition (see screenshot below for its location).
  8. The journey to the Church of Inhibition will be a little tougher than usual as you will build up on madness as you head up north towards it. Just take note of the flaming tower on the left (reminds us of the Eye of Sauron). You’ll be able to hear its flames from quite far away. Just make sure you occassionally hide away from its line of sight so the madness meter drops before you continue on, otherwise you’ll die a quick death (again) before you can even reach the church.
  9. And that’s not all, just before you reach the church, you will be invaded by an NPC. You can choose to kill him or run away. Do note it is not required to kill him.
  10. Once you get inside the church, you can pick up a Sacred Tear and a Finger Maiden armour set. You can then dye your Lord of Blood’s Favor cloth with the maiden’s blood to obtain a bloodstained Lord of Blood’s Favor.
  11. Head back to the NPC at the Rose Church once again and turn in your quest item, offer him your finger, and you will receive the Bloody Finger from him, as well as the Pureblood Knight’s Medal.
  12. Now head into your inventory and use the Pureblood Knight’s Medal. It will teleport you to the Mohgwyn Palace.
  13. The final step at this point is to turn around upon arrival at the new location, jump on Torrent and straight down till you reach a bloody lake, run across that and past it and you should soon past the area as seen in the video above. Right at the end of it will be the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace you need to unlock (see screenshot below for its location). This will be your start point of your farming fun.
  14. Happy Elden Ring Rune Farming!

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