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How To Fix The Stutters In Elden Ring (PC) If The Patches Aren’t Helping

With the recent release of the latest patch for Elden Ring for PC (v1.02.2), it seems the stuttering issue PC users have been experiencing since the launch of the game still remains. This is despite the patch notes stating “fixed an issue where the graphics card was not being used, resulting in slow performance”, whatever that might mean.

However, there is a quick fix for the issue apparently, and has been found to work for many. We have tried it for ourselves on a desktop computer running a GeForce GTA 1080 Ti and it fixed the issue.

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Elden Ring

Here’s what you need to do if you have a GeForce graphics card, open up your NVIDIA Control Panel:

  • Click “Manage 3D Settings” and select the “Program Settings” tab.
  • Click the “Add” button and look for Elden Ring from the list of recently used programs and click on “Add Selected Program”.
  • Scroll down to “Max Frame Rate” and set it to “59 FPS”. Don’t worry about impeding your game’s performance, the game was designed to lock at a cap of 60FPS anyway, regardless of how powerful your graphics card is.
  • Click “Apply” and close the dialog box, then go ahead and run the game.

For AMD Radeon users, here are the steps:

  • Click “Settings” and select the “Graphics” tab.
  • Click “Advanced” and set “Frame Rate Target Control” to 59 FPS. If you don’t see “Frame Rate Target Control”, select “Radeon Chill” and set the max fps to “59 FPS”.
  • Scroll down and select “Reset Shader Cache”.
  • Click “Apply” and close the dialog box, then go ahead and run the game.

With the steps done above, you should notice a significant improvement to the stuttering issue.

We have a 60-minute playthrough of Elden Ring on PC, which was recorded prior to launch and any patches applied. It ran smoothly for the most part, and did have the occasional stutter, which could be frustrating if it led to an uncertain death.

Besides the stutter issues faced by PC users, many have been disappointed (ourselves too), that the game didn’t support 21:9 ultrawide resolution natively at launch. Whether it’s a game design decision or not, we’re still holding on to hopes that will be added in the near future so we can marvel at the wonderous visuals in 3440×1440 resolution.

Here’s 5 minutes of PC gameplay with the above fix applied. Notice there is no stuttering at all: