Cheaters Can Buy Elden Ring Runes On eBay – But Is It Worth It?

When the going gets tough, the tough goes online to buy shortcuts. Or so the saying goes. For gamers, there are ways to get cheat codes, or pick up some accessories to skip the challenge. Elden Ring is just a week old and already, some ‘enterprising’ souls are already finding ways to unlock shortcuts… to your wallet.

A search on eBay for ‘Elden Ring runes’ shows multiple listings of Elden Ring’s in-game runes being sold, starting from as low as US$10. Runes are the currency in Elden Ring, used to level up your character and buy equipment.

The process seems simple enough. You pay the seller, wait to be contacted, set up a meeting, and put down your summoning sign (so you can be summoned into the seller’s game). There, they’ll drop Golden Runes so that you can pick them up.

Sounds easy. What could go wrong?

Other than getting scammed by a no-show seller, you risk getting banned by FromSoftware (assuming the developers want to or are able to detect these forms of transactions). Like many other games, it is against Elden Ring’s Terms of Service to conduct ‘real money trading’.

Is it worth it?

Probably not. The power boost doesn’t do enough when you are just starting. In souls-like games like Elden Ring, you will still need to learn and actually play the game to get ahead.

But for those who can’t or won’t play fair, why cheat with real money when you can just cheat for free? We won’t share the link here, but if you are that interested, just search for CheatEngine. Alternatively, why not just work a little and use one of the tips offered by YouTubers on the best way to farm runes on your own.

At the end of the day, cheat all you want in your own Lands Between, but don’t bring it online to another person’s game. And certainly don’t pretend you’ve ‘beaten’ the game; you’ve just cheated yourself of the authentic experience.

Or, farm your own runes the right and efficient way here: