Singapore Photographer Shoots Amazing Black Panther Wedding

Alvin and Nur Shahidah, avid fans of the Black Panther series, decided to have their pre-wedding photo shoot with a Black Panther theme. Taking inspiration from Volume 4, Issue 18 of Marvel’s Black Panther comics where Black Panther married Storm of the X-Men, and the Black Panther movie trailer, the couple created Black Panther and Storm costumes for a geek-styled photo shoot by The Art of Mezame.

Titled Kindred Spirits: The Journey, a preview of the photo series was revealed on Valentine’s Day.

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You may find the art style familiar, as The Art of Mezame was the same photographer who had crafted the Star Wars themed and the Diablo themed pre-wedding photo shoots. He photographed the couple using a Sony A7RII for two days, and then post-processed the photos using Photoshop and Capture One Pro.

We’re also pretty sure this photogenic couple would have already caught the Black Panther movie which is now showing in cinemas worldwide.

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