Simply Toys Debuts First SquareArt Pop-Up Showcase At Plaza Singapura This June

Singapore toy collectors will know of Simply Toys, established way back in 2001, bringing us geeks our toys and pop culture collectibles fix all these years. Simply Toys is also the sole distributor of Funko collectibles in Singapore since 2007. This time around, Ann Goh, founder of Simply Toys has come up with her take on a modern-day art collectible, in the form of physical art, digitally printed onto 100% silk. Aptly named SquareArt, each design has an edition size of only 111 pieces (per size). Buyers can choose from 50 x 50cm (US$79), 64 x 64cm (US$99), or 86 x 86cm (US$129).


The SquareArt pieces are unique art collectibles that collectors can either display on a wall, wear as scarves, or use as a handbag twilly. Being made of 100% silk, each art piece is light, low maintenance, and allows for easy swapping of display pieces with minimal fuss.

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“SquareArt is a platform designed for collectors, investors, and artists, offering a secure and reliable authentication process to prevent scams and discourage bootleg production. Our goal is to support and showcase artistic talent in major cities, connecting audiences with vibrant art scenes through our annual SquareArt shows. We aim to celebrate and promote artistic talent across major cities, creating a platform that connects diverse audiences with the vibrant art scenes in each location via our annual SquareArt shows.”

Ann Goh, Founder of SquareArt and Simply Toys
SquareArt NFC tag/chip located on the bottom right of every piece.

The SquareArt.exchange Platform

Unlike existing art prints on the market, SquareArt offers an all-in-one platform, called SquareArt.exchange that integrates Digital Certificates, Blockchain Technology, Near-Field Communication (NFC), and Fintech to ensure the seamless and counterfeit-free transactions of SquareArt pieces for artists, collectors, and investors. Every SquareArt piece purchased via the SquareArt.exchange app will carry a unique serial number. Collectors will be able to keep tabs on the current value of their pieces and buy/sell on the in-app marketplace once it rolls out in the coming months.

Jon-Paul Kaiser (UK based) was the first artist to jump on board the platform and soon several others followed. Singapore-based artists Lester Lim (@lesdoublewood), Sheena Aw (@caramelaw) and Jem (@tanavit23) as well as Malaysian-based artist Zhiting (@zhiting9513), along with many others followed suit.

SquareArt Pop-Up Showcase Offer

The SquareArt Pop-Up Showcase is located on level 1 atrium of Plaza Singapura, right in front of Muji and the Disney100 store. Marvel at the collection of exclusive in-stock/pre-order art pieces, beautifully printed in vibrant colours on silk. Visitors can get a good sense of each of the three sizes available and decide which is best for their home, or neck/handbag. If you decide to buy one of the exclusive pieces, be sure to ask the on-ground staff for a US$20 OFF discount code to apply to your first purchase of any SquareArt of your choice (regardless of size). There’s no better time to kickstart your collection/investment than now!

All pre-orders and purchases can be made via the SquareArt.exchange app which is available now on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.