Secretlab Minecraft Edition Gaming Chair Brings Iconic Creeper Into The Spotlight

Video game enemies aren’t often as recognised or acknowledged as the good guys, but there have been some notable exceptions over the years, such as the aliens in Space Invaders, Pac-Man‘s ghosts, and Bowser from Super Mario Bros. Joining the list is Minecraft‘s Creeper, an enemy all players love to hate due to its stealthy nature and high potential for killing unaware individuals.

With the Secretlab Minecraft Edition gaming chair, however, the iconic baddie will be stepping into the limelight instead of sticking to the shadows. Launching in conjunction with Minecraft Live 2021 on 16 October, this new member is the result of a collaboration between Mojang Studios, the minds behind the best-selling sandbox title, and Microsoft.

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Design elements from Minecraft have been carried over to the chair, which combines the game’s pixel art style with all the proprietary features of the all-new Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022, such as improved lumbar support, and a magnetic headrest. Additionally, it will come upholstered in the more durable and lasting SoftWeave Plus fabric for longer comfort – a first for a Special Edition model.

Stringing everything together is a new structure of interlacing yarn fibres that allows for the unique, pixellated texture, where the Creeper is joined by a black-and-green speckled fabric that imitates the grass block, a core building block in the game.

The Secretlab Minecraft Edition chair is available now on the official website, coming hot on the heels of other themed projects in recent times, including a Monster Hunter collaboration, a Superman and Flash iteration, and a Batman-inspired MAGNUS Metal Desk.

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Yay to a non-exploding Creeper (well, of sorts).

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