Secretlab Monster Hunter Edition Gaming Chair Takes Flight With Rathalos As The Star

Collaborations are a dime a dozen in the gaming scene, and Secretlab is certainly no stranger to the craft of bringing two worlds together. Hot on the heels of its stylish Dark Knight makeover for the MAGNUS Metal Desk, the gaming chair company is rolling out yet another tie-in, this time with Rathalos of the Monster Hunter fame as the star.

Co-designed with the Japanese game publisher Capcom, the Secretlab Evo 2022 Monster Hunter Edition chair celebrates 17 exciting years of fighting against the fiery Flying Wyvern’s reign. This team-up marks the world’s first-ever Monster Hunter gaming chair, and will feature the signature iconography of Rathalos embroidered on its backrest.

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The side wings, meanwhile, come adorned with an intricate texture that evokes the creature’s scales after drawing inspiration from the Rathalos armour set – a design feat made possible by the use of a custom leatherette.

The Monster Hunter Edition chair is now open for limited pre-order on the official website, with the same set of ergonomic upgrades carried over from the TITAN Evo 2022 Series. Grab it in time, and you’ll be in prime position to gear up for the release of Monster Hunter Rise on PC in early 2022.

First launched for the Nintendo Switch in April 2021, the game is the sixth entry to the highly-popular franchise, and serves as combination of both Nintendo 3DS’s Monster Hunter Generations and Monster Hunter: World. It has most recently welcomed the likes of Street Fighter‘s Akuma for a special crossover event, just a month after Okami‘s Amaterasu made a surprise in-game appearance.