Superman Vs. The Flash: Secretlab Races On With Latest DC Comics Gaming Chairs

Secretlab is collaborating with Warner Bros., bringing us a collaboration that is a match made in heaven. Yes, Superman Edition and The Flash Edition gaming chairs inspired by the art of Jim Lee will be released ahead of the DC FanDome. Superheroes need their secret hideouts, and we need our Secretlab.

This expands the Secretlab DC Collection, bringing the iconic Big Blue Boy Scout and the Scarlet Speedster to the family. Along with the Batman and The Joker Editions, these new additions are now available for the Secretlab 2022 Series in Small, Regular, and XL, so fans can sit back and be supported by their favourite superhero or supervillain.

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In an age where gaming peripherals are a mode of self-expression beyond just their practical ergonomic function, the Superman and The Flash Editions integrate the universal symbols of justice and hope, bringing the rich histories of these beloved characters into the aesthetic designs of the excellent Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022. Both chairs have the instantly recognisable symbols of the characters, the shield of the House of El (aka the Superman S) and The Flash’s yellow lightning bolt, on them.

The Superman Edition sports a moody blue, symbolising the weight of the immense burden the character carries. Accented with streaks of metallic red and silver, it is like the afterimage of Superman as he flies across the sky of Metropolis.

The Flash Edition is dripping in deep garnet red, with detailed lightning accents, as if it’s a freezeframe of the speedster caught in a most beautiful moment in time.

What are you waiting for? Carrying all the next-generation ergonomic upgrades of the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022, this is a no-brainer for fans of these superheroes looking for a great gaming chair. Get these Secretlab chairs right now at Secretlab’s official site!