Resident Evil Village Brings Back An Upgraded Mercenaries Mode

During Capcom’s Resident Evil Showcase livestream, the video game company confirmed that the series’ beloved ‘The Mercenaries mode will be making a comeback in the upcoming Resident Evil Village game in addition to several extra modes.

The Mercenaries mode is essentially a mini-game where it features the same gameplay with a time limit to get the best scores. Each of the previous Resident Evil games had its own iterations of the mode, with different enemies, items and scenarios each time.

resident evil village

Resident Evil Village’s version of The Mercenaries continues the tradition of fighting through stages under a time limit, however, it adds an in-game shop, the Duke’s Emporium in-between areas so that players can buy better items and upgrades.

Additionally, the game also gives players abilities and perks such as increased weapon damage, faster movement speed, stronger defense and lifesteal during the playthrough.

Resident Evil Village releases on 7 May and is currently available for pre-order on Google Stadia, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Windows via Steam.