Toho Games’ Godzilla Destruction Terrorises Cities On Mobile From April 27

Godzilla is taking all the spotlight for himself. The sea monster that has been recently recruited to be an attraction for an amusement park in Tokyo, is now reigning over video games as well.

Developer Toho Games has announced a new action mobile game called Godzilla Destruction that will be releasing on 27 April 2021. The draw of the game is pretty simple, Godzilla is big and he can smash. Players make use of the big lizard’s weight and heat ray to smash cities and defeat other Kaijus.

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This video game is suitable for people who are tired of being nice or would just want to release some pressure by crushing enemies and causing chaos to the world. Godzilla Destruction is currently open for pre-registration, where fans may also register for some in-game goodies by following the game’s official pages on Facebook or Twitter. The video game is also available on both iOS and Android.

This is probably all timed to roll with the hype of Godzilla vs. Kong considering the game looks hastily put together.