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Geek Review: 2Dark

2Dark fails to light a fire under the survival-horror genre and is best left in the darkness of...

Geek Review: Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is an entertaining 2-hour diversion that is hampered slightly by its more game-like qualities.

Geek Review: Get Out

Come for the horror, but stay for the racial politics.

Geek Review: Vampire Cleanup Department (救僵清道夫)

This throwback to 80s Hong Kong vampire horror comedies hits the right notes.

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Geek Review: Rings

You should really pause if you're thinking about catching Rings.

Geek Review: A Cure for Wellness


Creating The Horrifying Atmosphere of Little Nightmares: Hands On + Interview

Clearly, the developers know what they’re doing, and very good at it.

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If you're looking to do something else for the Halloween season, this might be the perfect outing for...

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We’re going to pass along all five of these one-of-a-kind VHS notebooks to you.

Geek Review: Lights Out

You might want to give this a miss if you're afraid of the dark.

Geek Preview: Stifled (PC)

Calling all horror game geeks! Stifled is now on Steam Greenlight collecting votes so the game would be...