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PS5 Tokyo: Yodabashi Camera Cracks Down On Console Madness

When it comes to the Sony PlayStation 5, the supply squeeze and its effects are felt around the globe. Even in Tokyo.

Over the weekend, a mob of fans caused chaos at renowned Japan electronics retailer, Yodabashi Camera in Tokyo’s Akihabara leading to the police being called in, cutting short all sales.

According to Famitsu, customers who want to get their hands on the console from now onwards will have to use the store’s gold point plus Visa card. The card acts as your usual credit card with an in-store point system and an application for it will take up to two weeks to process.

Using the card will allow Yodabashi Camera to track down the shopper’s payment history to prevent multiple purchases of the PS5. Even those who had bought multiple Nintendo Switch consoles in the past would be refused any purchases. In addition, conditions like using another member’s card are also prohibited.

With the scalpers thriving with the global lack of PS5 consoles, it’s assuring to see retailers doing something in response to help the fans. Other retailers like Singapore gaming store Qisahn tackles this problem by using the raffle system.