PlayStation 5 Rumoured To Have Pro Version, Base Console To Offer 9 Teraflops Performance

The PS5 and the Xbox Series X will soon usher in a new generation of gaming. While Sony and PlayStation have not divulged much about their new console, Microsoft has fired the first few shots, revealing the powerful specs under the hood of the Xbox Series X.

It is not exactly a secret that Xbox will have two different SKUs of consoles for the next generation, with the Xbox Series X’s 12 teraflops being the higher-end machine. Now, rumours have surfaced stating that the PS5 will also feature two versions.

According to noted NeoGaf leaker, VFXVeteran, the base model of the PS5 will come in at 9 teraflops, which could mean the “pro” version of the PS5 could easily match or surpass the GPU performance of the Xbox Series X.

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The same individual also claimed that both base and pro versions of the consoles will release at the same time, giving gamers a choice to enjoy the next generation however they like.

If that is to be true, we could be shelling out a lot more come holidays 2020. Based on the speculative pricepoint of the higher-end consoles, we could be paying up to US$600 or more.

Gaming is getting more and more expensive.

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