Princess Ariel Gets Her Happy Ending Under The Sea With This New Mighty Jaxx Figurine

In the words of a certain Jamaican crustacean, “Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter.”

Mighty Jaxx knows this and has released Happy Ending Under The Sea, an original sensual take on the red-headed princess of the sea Ariel. 

Here is the official description of the 8.4-inch polystone figurine,

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With new legs comes new discoveries. The sensual take on a princess of the seas, Happy Ending Under The Sea is the first-of-its-kind original design from Mighty Jaxx. With a sultry look, she sits on her dune of pleasure, ready for the deed. Seeking gratification no prince can satiate, she paddles her canoe into her own happy ending. This is no ordinary fairy tale.

Of course, Mighty Jaxx has never explicitly mentioned that their princess is named Ariel but her voluminous red hair and big doe-like eyes are a pretty big give away. 

The princess sits on a bed of sand, eyes upturned sultrily as if anticipating something special, from a certain someone. As the figure is named Happy Ending, we can only hope the princess eventually gets her intended happy ending, perhaps at the bottom of the sea, where it is certainly much wetter. 

Aside from the princess of the sea, Mighty Jaxx has previously made cheeky figurines based on an incredibly well-hung Pinocchio, and Snow White… exploring the meaning of self-love.

If you wish to get this figure for yourself, you can do so from 25 January 2020 from 10pm SGT on the Mighty Jaxx’s online store. It is retailing for S$249, with free shipping worldwide.

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