Leaked PlayStation 5 Gameplay Footage Of Godfall Shows Godlike Visuals

Up until now, we haven’t yet had a taste of what’s to come from the PlayStation 5 in terms of graphics and processing. As it turns out, we might just have one such morsel.

Recently, a Redditor by the username of u/YeaQuarterDongIng leaked a snippet of an unreleased gameplay trailer for the upcoming PS5 launch title Godfall, which demonstrates just what kind of visual fidelity we can expect on the fifth flagship console by Sony.

This 6-second clip shows us just what developer Counterplay Games has been working on in general secrecy, and from what we can see, Godfall looks pretty darn good.

From the highly realistic water graphics, to the way flames sprout from a weapon or body, to true-to-life movements, Godfall is certainly shaping up to be a technical marvel, and could serve as a good barometer for just how powerful the PlayStation 5 can be.

However, we’re still pretty much in the dark as to what Godfall really is about. For now, what we learned at The Game Awards 2019 is that it is a third-person action RPG that focuses on real-time combat akin to that of Dark Souls, combined with a comprehensive loot system a la Diablo and Borderlands, peppered with co-op of up to three additional players.

As to the actual gameplay trailer seen above, we can look to PlayStation or Gearbox Software to drop one sometime in the near future.