Nintendo Recommends A 4×3-metre Home Space To Best Play Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Nintendo’s upcoming Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit will let you game both on your Nintendo Switch and your living room floor. Ahead of the game’s official release on 16 October, Nintendo has released a new trailer to show us exactly how the game will work and what you can expect in its box.

According to the overview trailer, you will be able to customise your very own racecourse within your home by using the four cardboard gates provided, then driving through them. The track you take will determine the layout of the racecourse. That way, you can have existing furniture or even cups and other knickknacks around your home be obstacles you will have to drive around.

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Nintendo recommends that players have at least a 12×10-feet (4×3-metre) space to work in. 

Interestingly, items that slow you down in-game will also affect the speed of your kart in real life, and choosing to race up to 200CC will greatly increase the speed of your actual kart. The game can support up to four players, as long as each player has their own kart and Nintendo Switch. Online multiplayer support will not be available.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit will come with 24 Grand Prix races that let you race against the Koopalings, and will come with different skins that you can use to lay over the tracks. Each skin will affect the type of hazards you encounter during the race.

By racing, players will get to earn coins that can be spent on cosmetics for Mario, Luigi, and the kart they are using. 

Two different sets will be sold for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, a Mario and a Luigi set. Each set will come with a remote-controlled kart, four numbered cardboard gates, two arrow signboards, and a USB charging cable for the kart.

Aside from the overview trailer, Nintendo also released a developer video where the team shared more about what went on in the making of the game as well as the physical karts.

The set will be available for US$99.99/£99.99 and can be purchased on both Amazon US (currently out of stock) and Amazon UK. You can check out our guide to better understand where to best purchase the game. 

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