New The Last Of Us 2 Job Listing Sparks Rumour Of PC Release

A new job posting has fans of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us 2 excited over the possibility that the game might be heading to the PC. 

The LinkedIn job posting for the role of a graphics programmer first piqued the internet’s interest due to the references to PC-specific skills such as a “thorough understanding of current GPU architectures.”

Here are the various skills and requirements stated in the job posting:

  • Thorough understanding of current GPU architectures (AMD GCN, NVIDIA CUDA)
  • Experience with DirectX12, Vulkan, or other modern graphics or compute APIs
  • Console or PC Programming experience

Of course, Naughty Dog could just be looking for someone with a well-rounded set of skills but it is interesting to note that their requirements do not relate to the PlayStation 4 architecture, or even the PlayStation 5. 

On the job posting, Naughty Dog specifically mentioned they are looking for someone with an understanding of NVIDIA GPUs, whereas the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 both use AMD graphics. 

With all that said, it only stands to reason that the developers be looking for someone with PC programming experience because they have a PC port planned for the future. 

In other news, Horizon Zero Dawn has also been rumoured to be heading to the PC.