Mattel Stakes Their Claim On The Cutest Baby Yoda Plush… For Now

It has been less than a month since the release of The Mandalorian and yet Baby Yoda already has the internet wrapped around his tiny little pinky.

From internet memes to fanmade merch, there is no shortage of love for Baby Yoda though one thing that fans have been clamouring for since the introduction of the little green infant was for official merch to be released.

Lucasfilm has played us a number of times the past month, when they announced that there wouldn’t be any Baby Yoda merch for the holiday season, only to go back on it soon after. We then got our first look at official Baby Yoda T-shirts and they were… disappointing to say the least.

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But now we finally have a look at Mattel’s latest Baby Yoda plush, and we have to say that they are actually adorable to look at, absolutely befitting the cute little alien it’s based on.

Have a look for yourself!

Though more well-known for being the producers of the widely beloved Barbie doll, Mattel has also produced merchandise for various movie and TV series as well, such as Jurassic World and Toy Story.

That said, their new Baby Yoda plush might be their cutest looking merchandise yet.

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Mattel’s 11-inch Baby Yoda is currently available for pre-order on Walmart for US$24.99, though it will only be released six months from now, on June 1, 2020.

Though after so long, we wonder if Baby Yoda would have outstayed his welcome, or will Star Wars fever and the internet’s love for Baby Yoda continue staying strong.

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