“Baby Yoda” From The Mandalorian Is The Best Thing For Star Wars Right Now

We are only two weeks into Disney+’s The Mandalorian and already the internet has lost its collective minds over what is possibly the most adorable being it has ever seen – the tiny Baby Yoda

The end of the first episode revealed that our titular bounty hunter was sent on a mission to collect a special asset which turned out to be a cute 50-year-old, as-of-yet-unnamed creature that has been given the nickname “Baby Yoda”. 

Not that the little baby, called ‘The Child’ in the show is actually Baby Yoda, but since the species has yet to be officially named, the Internet just decided to go with Baby Yoda since the creature does look like a much younger version of the Jedi Master.

Regardless, the internet has gone crazy over the little critter and much like Rosa from Brooklyn 99, we’ve only had Baby Yoda for two weeks but if anything happened to him, we will kill everyone in the room and then ourselves. In fact, Baby Yoda got so popular that it even has its own Twitter account.

Here are some of our best reactions from Baby Yoda fans on the internet.

Baby Yoda is even great for improving original song lyrics.

Some have even seemed to have figured out Disney’s strategy for The Mandalorian’s release date.

Perhaps the biggest reason for the internet’s reaction to Baby Yoda was because no one expected an adorable green baby to appear. From every promotional material released prior to The Mandalorian’s debut, we were made to believe that the show will be a darker, and grittier take on the Star Wars universe. And then out comes the cutest little thing everyone has ever seen.

Not that we are complaining.

New episodes of The Mandalorian are released every Friday on Disney+. If you currently live outside the US, Canda, and the Netherlands, you can still catch The Mandalorian using VPN.