Marvel’s Eternals Shows Us The Flash vs Superman Fight That Justice League Failed To Deliver

Marvel Studios’ Eternals has been in the hot seat for some time. Critics are split in the middle on how they feel about Chloe Zhao‘s superhero movie (read our review here), but one thing for sure is that the movie is serving some of the best hero-on-hero fights we’ve seen since Justice League.

Yes, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and DC Universe (DCU) have always been thought of as separate but with Eternals establishing that Superman and even Alfred exists in the MCU, we can’t help but make a comparison between the Man of Steel against Ikaris, and of course, the beautiful Makkari against The Flash.

*** Warning: spoilers for Eternals ahead.

In Justice League, Superman came from the dead and had a brief face-off with his friends Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash. Likewise in Eternals, we see Ikaris turn against Sersi, Phastos, Druig, Thena and Makkari.

In the DC movie, Superman is undefeatable and shocked Barry aka The Flash with how fast he can be, even catching him off guard mid-run and giving him a good old slap and slam. Fans have always wondered who would win in a race between Superman and Barry and this slowed-down fight sequence was meant to put that to the test.


Director Zhao had a somewhat similar scene but boy, it was so much more satisfying to watch. After Ikaris buries Druig deep into the Earth, an angered Makkari grabs Ikaris and runs off with him, smashing his body against rocks, ruins and walls whilst she’s at it. Ikaris struggles to keep up with her and despite his attempts to cosmic blast her with his eyes, Makkari is just too fast.

Zhao decided to show the full breadth of how fast Makkari can be by having her run around at different angles, zooming in and out to hit Ikaris and then grab him and slam him into other surfaces again. Ikaris, the ‘Superman’ of the Eternals is visibly confused and frustrated but later gets a hold of himself and finally measured up against Makkari.

The action between Ikaris and Makkari was fast-paced, heart-pumping, and full of tension as compared to the fight between Superman and The Flash. So whether or not you’re a fan of Eternals, one thing you can’t deny when you watch that scene is that it showed us the Flash vs Superman fight that Justice League failed to deliver.

Eternals premieres in cinemas on 4 November