Marvel United: Everything We Know About CMON’s Tie-Up With Marvel

Ahh, geeks rejoice! Cool Mini Or Not recently revealed that they’re releasing a new board game titled Marvel United. This announcement is fresh out of the oven so not much else is known about it but we just have to spill the tea because we’re just way too excited!

That said, here’s everything we know about CMON’s newest board game so far.

1. It’s made by Eric Lang and Andrea Chiarvesio

This game designer dynamic duo created games like Cyberpunk 2077 – Afterlife: The Card Game and Munchkin Dungeon. Individually, the game designers also have a number of successful games to their name. Lang is famously known for miniature-heavy titles such as Rising Sun, A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game and Arcadia Quest. Chiarvesio, on the other hand, received worldwide attention for his city-building game Kingsburg. 

2. Marvel United is NOT a reskin of Arcadia Quest 

Since the announcement of Marvel United, fans have flocked to Reddit to talk about the new game. Plenty wondered if it is going to be anything similar to Arcadia Quest – especially since the chibi-style miniatures in Marvel United do heavily resemble the Arcadia ones. Well, wonder no more because Lang has made it pretty clear that the game is not a spin-off or a reskin of ANY other game. 

3. It’s created by Spinmaster too! The ones who created 5-Minute Marvel

In a recent tweet, CMON announced that they were launching a Kickstarter campaign with Spinmaster. For those who don’t know, Spinmaster created 5-Minute Marvel in 2018 – a card game where players are assigned a Marvel hero and have to use their strengths and special abilities to defeat villains in a fast-paced cooperative 5-minute card game. 5-Minute Marvel is easily a fan-favourite so we’ve got some high expectations for this new Marvel game.

4. This is the 3rd new Marvel board game in the past year

Board games are seeing a long-continued resurgence. So, it was just about time the Marvel Universe got into the mix. New Marvel games include Marvel Champions and Marvel Crisis Protocol. This marks Marvel United the 3rd new entry. What’s that sound? Oh, it’s our wallets. Crying. 

5. The miniatures are unpainted

We know Lang said Marvel United is not based on any other game, but the promo video showed the minis unpainted, just like the minis in Arcadia Quest. Hey, no complaints though! This just means we get more fun out of the game by painting. Step aside, Bob Ross. 

There you have it folks, everything we know about Marvel United so far! We’ll be keeping our eyes locked on CMON for further news and updates so don’t you worry friend, we’ll have more to share later on. Till then, you better save up or try the other Marvel games mentioned.

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