Marvel United: A New Marvel Themed Board Game By CMON Is Revealed

Depending on what your geek circles might encompass, it’s hard to deny that board games are seeing a long-continued resurgence.

Thus it comes as so surprise that Marvel United would enter the fray to join a long line of board games which tap into the Marvel universe. The most recent entry would be Marvel Champions, a living card game, which became out of stock the moment it hit the shelves.

This new miniature, chibi entry by CMON, would definitely see the same success.

Designed by Eric Lang and Andrea Chiarvesio for the past two years, Marvel United features chibi-style miniatures which are reminiscent of CMON’s other miniature heavy board game, Arcadia Quest.

Launching on Kickstarter soon, can we expect plenty of minis, expansions and a hole in our pockets? When it comes to CMON and Kickstarter, we most definitely will.

Give us Marvel United now!!