CES 2020: Impossible Foods To Add Plant-Based Pork And Sausage To Restaurants This Year

Ever wanted to make an Impossible pepperoni pizza but didn’t want the beefy taste of the regular Impossible Foods plant-based meat? Well, very soon, your worries can be averted with the introduction of the Impossible Pork and Impossible Sausage.

First announced at CES 2020 at Las Vegas, these new additions are designed with the intent of diversifying Impossible Foods’ range from just its beef-inspired Impossible Burger 2.0 patty.

Impossible Pork Bahn Mi

More importantly, these new entries are Impossible Foods’ attempts at reducing the overconsumption of pork across the globe, which in 2012 amounted to a staggering 36% of the world’s meat intake.

Impossible Pork Dumplings

Like its actual pork counterpart, Impossible Pork is produced in a ground state, meaning you’ll have the freedom to make patties or dumplings with it, or just toss it into your next pasta sauce mix. It is kosher and gluten-free, and contains no animal hormones or antibiotics, so you know you’re not putting (too much) nonsense into your belly when gorging on it.

Impossible Pork in its ground form.

The Impossible Sausage is actually also made from Impossible Pork, but in this case it is ready-made in sausage form, so all you need is to just cook it. Perfect for making your next meal in a jiffy.

Impossible Pork Italian Sausage

The Impossible Sausage will debut exclusively in 139 Burger King restaurants in the US, as a limited-time-only Crossian’wich in late January. The Impossible Pork will be released as part of restaurant entries in the near future.

Impossible Sausage Crossian’wich at Burger King