Marvel Studios Announces New Secret Invasion Disney+ Series Starring Samuel L. Jackson And Ben Mendelsohn

A number of major announcements were made during Disney’s Investor Day presentation, including the likes of a new Alien TV series and Fantastic Four movie. Aside from those, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has also announced that a new series starring Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury is in the works.

Titled Secret Invasion, the series stars Jackson alongside Ben Mendelsohn who will be reprising his role as the Skrull Talos from Captain Marvel.

The Secret Invasion storyline in the comics marked one of the most expansive narratives in Marvel’s comic book history, with the reveal that several notable superheroes in the Marvel comic universe have been replaced by the shape-shifting aliens in their bid to sneakily take over Earth. Captain Marvel introduced us to good Skrulls, and we imagine this upcoming series will see the arrival of more sinister and villainous ones for Nick Fury and Talos to go against.

With how major the events of Secret Invasion is in the comics, it is no wonder Marvel Studios decided to have the story be brought to life in a TV series instead of a movie, where they can take full advantage of a TV series’ longer format to explore more important plot points. This might end up culminating in a massive film à la Avengers: Endgame.

A release date for the Secret Invasion TV series has yet to be announced.

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