SDCC 2019: Marvel Reveals Several Interesting New Features For Their Upcoming Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s reveal of their upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game during Square Enix’s E3 showcase revealed a game that had great graphics, questionable looking characters, and what looks to be a great story. Many fans were left wondering how the game will be played and Marvel has finally shed some light on what to expect when the game releases early next year during their San Diego Comic-Con Panel at Hall H. 

During the panel, Marvel and developer Crystal Dynamics walked fans through a 20-minute long clip that showcased each Avenger’s unique abilities and fighting styles. According to Syfy Wire, players will also be able to customise the Avengers to their liking. So now fans will be able to turn Hulk from a raging green beast, to a raging red beast, and dress him up in a purple pinstripe. Maybe that’s why he’s so angry— 

They also explained during the panel that once players are done with the prologue, which serves as an introduction to each of the game’s major characters, the world will open up and players will then gain access to a base located on a Helicarrier. 

From there on, players will get to choose between single-player or co-op missions. There will also be story missions to participate in, with a linear narrative allowing players to play each character as the story unfolds. 

The story trailer also hinted at possible cameos from other superheroes in the Marvel universe such as Kalama Khan, otherwise known as Ms. Marvel. 

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There are also skill trees for each of the Avengers that players can choose to customise for online missions. It was not specified how what the larger world missions will consist of, but they will be separate from the standard story missions.

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During the panel, they also announced that footages of the Marvel’s Avengers demo will be released the week after Gamescom, which is set to take place in late August 2019.

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