After the glimpse we’ve got of House Lannister and House Targaryen, there is no better way to remind you that winter is here with these new previews of the White Walker edition in the upcoming Adidas UltraBoost collaboration with Game of Thrones.

The White Walker sneaker is mostly white (what else?) with ice blue highlights at the heel and toe cap. Adidas has also added some cool details with “White Walkers” written on the shoelace tips and the declaration “Winter is Here” on the heel.

With plans for 6 different designs in this collection, we can expect sneaks of House Stark and the Night’s Watch to be released in the next few months before Game of Thrones Season 8 descends on us in April 2019.

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Deborah Chan

Deborah grew up in front of the TV. having spent countless hours watching anime and tv shows. She’s currently playing Hearthstone and other board games online. Also known as the Candy Empress to some, she dreams of eating all the chocolate in the world.