Geek Review – Robot Spirits Pacific Rim: Uprising Gipsy Avenger Action Figure

Compared to the heavyset Gypsy Danger of the 2013 Pacific Rim film, Pacific Rim: Uprising saw the rise of a new generation of slimmer Jaegers, more agile than ever. Don’t forget more weapons too! It’s the perfect recipe for toys, hence the Robot Spirits Gipsy Avenger action figure by Tamashii Nations.

Tamashii Nations is a sub-brand of Bandai, and Bandai is no stranger to Pacific Rim: Uprising toys, having produced HG model kits for the iconic Jaegers as well. But unlike the model kits, this one comes fully assembled, war ready.

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Gipsy Avenger comes securely packaged in a molded plastic sleeve, with little compartments for the accessories. The figure is made of plastic, and comes with two types of weapons as seen in the movie – the Chain Sword and Gravity Sling. Included are interchangeable hands for a choice between an open hand or closed fist (left and right hands for both).

The two hand configurations are naturally for the classic Jaeger fistbump pose. It’s a shame that it doesn’t also include the Plasma Caster from the film, but the two weapon options are fun to mess around with and easy to detach and attach. The two wing parts on the back are also detachable, but there’s no real reason to detach them and no interchangeable parts for them, so it’s best to leave them on.

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Compared to the average size of figures in the Robot Spirits line of toys, which is roughly 12 cm in height, Gipsy Avenger stands taller than expected at 17 cm (6.7 inches). It has a bit of weight to it, letting it stand on its own steadily without the need for a base, and the colouring and details are screen-accurate.

The finish is smooth with a slight sheen, and the lines of red as well as the orange chest unit give it that pop of colour and vibrance.

The best part of the action figure? It’s poseability, due to the wide range of articulation in the arms and legs. The arms are attached to the shoulders via ball joints, and so are the legs to the hips. This translates to full 360 degrees of movement for the arms, and yes, for the legs as well.

Ball joints in the wrist and neck also enable the wrists and head to turn all the way around, and there are regular hinges for the elbows and knees. Minimal movement is available for the chest and ankles, although this does not pose (haha) a problem.

We started off with Gipsy in a cool stance, ready to attack with the Gravity Sling.

But the great articulation leads to some wacky poses.

Fantastic form!
Ugh what has Jake Pentecost done this time?
Hey guys how’s it hanging?
With my new buddy, Obsidian Fury (From the Bandai HG Model Kit)
The Thinker

While not out fighting Kaijus and protecting Earth, Gipsy Avenger enjoys long walks on the beach and giving gentle chin scritches to sleepy kitties.

Available for S$39 at Toy Mana, it’s great value for money considering the larger-than-average size of the action figure. The sturdy build and attractive design means Gipsy Avenger will look good whether you choose to play with it or leave it posed on a display shelf, so it’s a great collectible for fans of Pacific Rim: Uprising.



The well-articulated and detailed Gipsy Avenger lets you go wild with all sorts of crazy poses.

  • Design - 8/10
  • Build Quality - 9/10
  • Playability - 8/10
  • Value - 8/10
  • Geek Satisfaction - 8/10
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