Geek Culture Awards 2024: The Best Of Tech

It was the year of generative artificial intelligence and a set-up for more immersive AR and VR, as 2023 saw its fair share of highs and lows in the tech hardware landscape, continuing the traditional of yearly refreshes and upgrades. For the most part, flagship gadgets basked in the spotlight, leading the charge with evolutionary, but not revolutionary experiences.

Among the heavyweights, however, are the overlooked players that delivered. From flagship smartphones and gaming laptops to lifestyle products, here are our top tech picks for the returning Geek Culture Awards 2024.

BEST SMARTPHONE (Gold): Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

Small changes mean little on their own, but together, they can go a long way in improving the user experience. The iPhone 15 Pro Max is the culmination of the little things that matter, including a brush-finished titanium design (which should inspire a slew of phone makers to follow suit in 2024), an all-new turbocharged A17 Pro chip, and improved camera capabilities — among others. Apple has long established itself as a trailblazer within the industry, and it’s easy to see just why.


In an oversaturated market, the OPPO Find N3 stood out with its near-perfect take on foldable devices. The flagship offering builds on its impressive predecessor to bring a diverse repertoire of intuitive features, a nearly crease-less design, and powerful photo-taking hardware powered by camera giant Hasselblad. A high-performing all-rounder, it outclasses the competition in almost every way.

BEST SMARTPHONE CAMERA (Gold): Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The most premium of Samsung’s high-end lineup, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a photography darling for users who like to capture images while on the move. It runs a 200MP camera, offering bright colours with greatly reduced oversaturation (an issue that continues to plague previous models), sharp detail in low-light environments, and a nifty array of other features. There’s plenty to love about the device, and its improved camera performance is at the top of the list.

BEST SMARTPHONE CAMERA (Silver): Xiaomi 13 Ultra

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra comes armed with the Leica guarantee, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. From crisp detail and well-balanced exposure to natural colours, it delivers in the areas the matter most, with various filters and photo modes tailoring to different styles. Additionally, the huge circular module lends a refreshing touch to the design, breaking the monotony of similar-looking phones on the market, and reinforcing its camera-focused identity.

BEST PRODUCTIVITY (Gold): Macbook Air 15 (M2)

A powerhouse that can juggle both work and entertainment with ease, the Macbook Air 15 (M2) continues to prove that size doesn’t equate power. Measuring just 1.15 cm and tipping the scales at 1.51 kg for the base model, it bundles hardware prowess with visual glory and audio immersion for an all-rounded experience. A reliable and handy companion, the laptop is ideal for those seeking more screen real estate.


For non-Apple MacOS users, the ASUS Zenbook 15 OLED would be their best bet. The slim and lightweight laptop promises exceptional visuals and good performance, packing enough horsepower to run most applications without hiccups. Also capable of some light gaming, it shows that functionality can easily go hand-with-hand with stylish aesthetics, offering a one-stop solution for users productivity and leisure.


MSI Titan GT77 HX

Laptop gaming doesn’t get any better than the MSI Titan GT77HX. At a whopping S$9,300, it packs a powerful punch that won’t only make desktop owners jealous, but also offers a tantalising taste of gaming nirvana. Ultra-fast speeds, silky smooth performance, and efficient cooling technology — you name it, and it’s there.

BEST GAMING (Silver): Acer Predator Helios Neo 16

Geek Review: Acer Predator Neo Helios 16 Gaming Laptop (1)

True to its namesake, the Acer Predator Helios Neo 16 dominates on the field as an apex, well, predator. It looks good, plays well, and arms users with an array of features, with its range of entry-level to high-end configurations easily meeting different demands. Where the former is an option for those with leaner wallets, the more enthusiastic gamers can turn to the fully-specced builds for maximum enjoyment.

BEST AUDIO (Gold): Sennheiser Profile USB Microphone

A good microphone goes a long way, and the Sennheiser Profile USB Microphone is a solid pick for everyday use. Available in two versions, the table-stand Profile and the boom arm Profile Streaming Set, it promises great ease of access for both causal users and content creators. Simply plug it into a computer, and let Sennheiser work its magic.

BEST AUDIO (Silver): Creative Sound Blaster Katana SE

Immersion means little without good audio, so it falls to the Creative Sound Blaster Katana SE to enhance the sound stage. The middle sibling of the Katana V2 soundbar series, it ditches the subwoofer for a more compact design, with heavier emphasis on the mids and highs. More importantly, it’s loud and reliable, making it a viable soundbar for those who like to put their volume on full blast.


The Samsung S95C OLED TV is bright and big, but don’t be fooled by its glitzy appearance. There’s plenty of horsepower packed within its 77-inch body, which translates brilliantly onto the cutting-edge 4K display. Scoring well in all areas, this TV is one to put on your list of considerations with its eye-popping visuals and impressive audio – if you have the room to spare, that is.

BEST DISPLAY (Silver): Sony Bravia XR A80K OLED 4K TV

A gem amid the mid-range models, the Sony Bravia XR A80K OLED 4K TV is well worth its price. In addition to beautiful images, it comes packed with a rich array of features, including an efficient user interface, room-filling sound, and an external camera that allows users to enjoy even more functionality. Highly recommended for users seeking a well-rounded home theatre setup.

BEST ACCESSORY (Gold): Logitech G Pro X TKL Keyboard & Superlight 2 Mouse

Speed is the name of the game with the Logitech G Pro X TKL Keyboard and Superlight 2 Mouse. Fast, light, and feature-rich, the high-performing duo proves to be an invaluable addition to any gamer’s arsenal, with competitive titles bringing out the best of their combined potential. Bonus points for its clean, elegant all-white look, too.

BEST ACCESSORY (Silver): Belkin BoostCharge Pro Wireless Charger + Power Bank

If there’s one word to describe the Belkin BoostCharge Pro Wireless Charger + Power Bank, ‘convenience’ would be it. A nifty all-in-one accessory, it reduces carrying bulk by allowing users to charge multiple devices while on the move, which is perfect for packing light and travelling. The best part? It can charge everything from Android phones and Apple devices to even the Apple Watch.

BEST LIFESTYLE (Gold): TP-Link Tapo RV30 Plus LiDAR Navigation Robot Vacuum

A clean home makes for a happy home, and the TP-Link Tapo RV30 Plus presents an efficient solution. Equipped with a high-precision dual navigation system, the robot vacuum is designed to be intuitive and reliable, serving as a great investment for those looking to streamline their cleaning routine. Adding to the convenience is a user-friendly app, which can be used to control it from anywhere.

BEST LIFESTYLE (Silver): Dyson V12s Detect Slim Submarine

The most comprehensive cleaning machine from Dyson, the V12s Detect Slim Submarine‘s greatest appeal lies in its ability to clean mixed floorings. Not only does the wet-and-dry vacuum let users vacuum and mop at the same time, it comes with multiple heads that work best in different environments. Need to vacuum carpeted surfaces? There’s the Motorbar Cleaner Head. Can’t reach the deep corners of a room? The Crevice Tool gets the job done.

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