Gear Up For A Spooktastic Halloween Film Fest At The Projector In Singapore

Unknowingly, after a hectic year of events, October has crept upon us with spooky season. Yet, with the cancellation of events such as Halloween Horror Nights, it seems as though the biggest scare will be having no plans for the season. How about remedying that with some spooktastic Halloween films? Whether you’re a fan of horror or not, The Projector in Singapore has something in store for everyone in their Halloweenie Showcase.

As a Halloween tradition, The Projector will be bringing back the horror-comedy What We Do in the Shadows for fans to sink their fangs into. Written and directed by the multitalented Taika Waititi (Jojo Rabbit, Thor Ragnarok) and Jemaine Clement; the film shows off the scintillating wit of its creators via mockumentary of three socially awkward vampires housemates as they bumble through the fast-changing modern society. Screenings are available for a limited time on 23 October and 31 October 2020. Edit (20 October 2020): Tickets for the first two dates are now sold out but a third screening date is now available on 8 November 2020 at 5.40 pm.

For fans of chilling atmospheric horror such as The VVitch, The Lighthouse, and Midsommar, will find a new favourite in November. Set in a gothic Estonian village, the film is an “absurdist horror gem”. The plot centres around personified Black Death, spirits, werewolves, and the devil himself. Screenings for these films will take place only on 30 October, 7 November and 21 November.

Singapore also finds its spotlight in this lineup with a homemade horror film Konpaku. The story revolves a forbidden romance between a Malay-Muslim man and a Japanese woman. Haqim finds himself lost in life after his girlfriend abandons him for his best buddy. A chance encounter with a sensual Japanese girl, Midori rekindles his faith in life and love. But as their relationship progresses, sinister events start befalling those close to him. The film will be screened on 1 November.

However, if you prefer to stay at home instead of risking strange encounters outside, you can chill at home with Netflix’s Halloween Lineup. Alternatively, for Halloween, The Projector is also showing film specials on their newly launched virtual platform, The Projector Plus.

A girl in a hijab wanders the dark Iranian streets alone at night. Sometimes she is seen with a skateboard or following strangers. Sometimes, she reveals her fangs to prey on men who disrespect women. Dubbed as the first Iranian feminist vampire spaghetti Western, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is a beautiful film the cannot be encompassed under a single genre. You can rent the movie for S$10 via the virtual portal.

Last but not least we have Extra Ordinary. In this charming, hilarious tale Rose, a mostly sweet and lonely Irish driving instructor is gifted with unwanted supernatural abilities. She tries to avoid spirit related requests such as exorcise possessed rubbish bins. However, she must use her supernatural talents to save the daughter from a washed-up rock star who is using her in a Satanic pact to reignite his fame. Similarly, the film will be available for rent at S$10 from the virtual portal.

Besides Halloween films, The Projector also has an ongoing German Film Festival from 15 October to 1 November. Moreover, the theatre pays tribute to the recently departed and beloved actor, Chadwick Boseman in his very own showcase. The films that will be screened are Get On Up (7, 22, and 28 November) and Marshall (8, 14, and 29 November). More details will be released on a nearer date so do keep a lookout on their website.