Scalpers Disappointed As 2nd Wave Of PS5 Singapore Launch Day Pre-orders Start 16 October

In case you missed out on the initial pre-order period of the PlayStation 5 in Singapore (no thanks to those nasty scalpers, of course), fret not: PlayStation Asia has announced that 16 October is the start date for a second wave of pre-orders for the new console.

And yes, this is for the launch day release from 19 November onwards. Here is the list of retailers in Singapore who will be running the 2nd round of pre-orders on 16 October, at different timings throughout the day.

Additionally, Qisahn has already announced a new pre-order bundle for the PS5, also starting on 16 October, at 11am sharp. Its two bundles include the standard PS5 + an extra DualSense Controller for just S$828.90, and the PS5 Digital Edition + a DualSense Controller for S$698.90.

So mark your calendars, set your alarms, and bring along your credit card or cash if you wish to make a deposit to secure your PS5 at your nearest retailer.

And above all, remember to practice safe distancing while you’re queueing up for it!