Cancelled Sega Game From 2013 Reborn As Golden Axed Just For Fans

In celebration of its 60th anniversary, Sega will be releasing a “rebirth’ of a cancelled game from almost a decade ago named Golden Axed for its fans.

A decade ago, there existed Sega Studios Australia. The studio was working on a Sega Reborn Series aka. a series of reboots for classic Sega IP. The games planned for the 2.5D reboots included Golden Axe, Altered Beast, and Streets of Rage; and even an endless runner version of Shinobi.

Alas, plans don’t always work out and the studios closed its doors in 2013. The games were thus abandoned and left to collect dust as the rest of the video game world moved on. That is until Sega decided to give fans a rare treat along with a whole bunch of other free to keep games.

Cleverly dubbed a tongue-in-cheek name, Golden Axed, the release of the axed game came about as a thank-you to fans. As a prototype of Golden Axe Reborn, the game features a single level created as a proof-of-concept (or vertical slice).

Due to it being an industry prototype, the game will no doubt have imperfections. But still, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a peek into the developmental stages of a game. As quoted from Sega:

Golden Axed may be janky, may be buggy, may be an artefact of its time, but it offers a unique glimpse into the prospect of a project that could have been, and a rare peek behind the curtain at the sometimes tumultuous world of video game development.”

Other developers for the game include The Eccentric Ape, who also helped develop Armor of Heroes and Endless Zone. The game is classified as a beat-’em-up, hack-and-slash action game.

Interested fans should look out for Golden Axed release date on 18 October 2020 as it will only be available for one day, so be sure it get it before it’s gone!

The game can be downloaded for PC via Steam.