First Look At The Star Wars Virtual Run 2020 Medals

Originally slated to kick off on May the 4th and in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, Southeast Asia’s first-ever Star Wars Virtual Run 2020 was pushed back to 15 June to 30 September instead. Online registrations are open throughout the duration of the virtual run.

Runners will have to choose to pledge their allegiance to the Light or Dark side and the runs can take place anywhere, anytime, from their own treadmills to running paths in their neighbourhood. Run solo, or with a friend to complete your chosen distance all at once or divide it up to fit your schedule.

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Having clocked our 5.4km run in one morning, we weren’t expecting to receive our light and dark side trophies/medals till after 30 September. But to our surprise, they actually got delivered within 2 weeks of completing the run.

Check out the gorgeous light (BB-8) and dark side (First Order Stormtrooper) medals and their matching base stands.

Back view of the medals, and their base stands.

One slightly unfortunate thing we noticed was how the base for the light side featured the Resistance logo, which only works with one orientation. Unlike how the First Order logo is reversible and works either way, thus it looks good when arranged on the front. Unfortunately for the Resistance logo, it ended up inverted when set to the front.

There are two categories available, 5.4km and 40km, and participants who clock the distance within the designated period will walk away with exclusive 3D-engraved trophies (BB-8 for light side and First Order Stormtrooper for dark side). This is an interesting departure from the usual medals awarded for runs.

The registration fees are S$25 for the 5.4km category and S$40 for the 40km category, inclusive of trophy shipping to the 6 participating countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

To sweeten the achievement, runners who complete the 40km category will also receive a Darth Vader 40th Anniversary “The Empire Strikes Back” gold trophy. So that’s two trophies in total, which justifies the price difference.

Remember, online registrations are open throughout the duration of the virtual run. Just make sure to give yourself enough time to clock the distance before 30 September 2020.

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