John Cena Teases Possible Role In An Upcoming M.A.S.K Movie

In its golden years, the M.A.S.K franchise enjoyed an extremely well-selling toyline and a hugely popular animated run, which influence continues to permeate today. Short for Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, the series was earlier confirmed to get a new lease of life via a screenplay in the works, and it seems to be off to a good start with John Cena possibly in the cast.

“Possibly” is the keyword here. The professional-wrestler-slash-actor recently posted an picture of M.A.S.K characters on his Instagram that hints at a potential involvement in the project. In line with his bio description of posting images without explanation for personal interpretation, the above isn’t accompanied by any caption.

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This is not the first time John Cena has brought in pop culture references. Scrolling through his feed yields past images of He-Man and Thundercats‘ Lion-O, so the M.A.S.K post might simply be a show of nostalgia from the man.

That’s definitely not stopping us from imagining him as task force leader Matt Trakker, however. It’s not exactly a far-fetched possibility, too, considering his track record with Hasbro-based movies, including the most recent live-actionTransformers movie, Bumblebee.

Elsewhere, Sony’s long-gestating Masters of the Universe movie is also set to start filming sometime in summer – a double delight for geeks. Triple, actually, if you factor in the chance of a new six-inch line of action figures with the release of the M.A.S.K movie.

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