First Look At Chucky From The New Child’s Play Movie Revealed

Just two months ago, we got our first glimpse at what the new Child’s Play reboot coming out later this year has to offer courtesy of a minute-long trailer. What we did not get to see, was how the infamous Chucky will look like in his new movie.

Now, we finally get our first proper look at the killer doll, and at a glance, he is definitely a lot more dapper-looking as compared to the original Chucky doll. The new Chucky doll now has a head of hair that is sleeked back, and is sold under a new wholesome sounding brand, “Buddi”.

Aside from that, the doll still bears a fairly close resemblance to the original Chucky doll. His seemingly calm expression nothing but a facade to hide his psychopathic tendencies. Well, the giant chef knife he’s holding is a pretty big red flag as well.

Aside from the doll, some other changes have also been made to the reboot. Such as how instead of being a serial killer stuck in the body of a doll due to voodoo magic, Chucky will instead be an “out-of-control robot doll”.

Star Wars veteran Mark Hamill will also be the new voice of Chucky, and if his performances as The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series is anything to go by, we’re sure Hamill will do a hell of a good job as Chucky.

The upcoming Child’s Play movie is directed by Norwegian director Lars Klevberg, with Tyler Burton Smith as the screenwriter. Aside from Hamill, the film will also star Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta) as the detective investigating Chucky’s evil deeds.

Child’s Play will be released in theatres on June 21.