Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Makes A Nod To Crisis Core With In-Universe Easter Egg

It’s not even been a week since the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo has dropped, but eagle-eyed fans have already dug up some fresh, astute observations linking the game to its original iteration. Of the list, one particular easter egg is likely to catch the attention of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII players back in the day, as it references a special significance.

In a Reddit post, user ArceliaDesune found a nod to the Banora White Apples of the 2007 PSP title fame, where posters advertising “Banora White Quality Apple Juice” are seen on the walls of a train station.

The inclusion is probably deliberate, considering how Banora is exclusively a Crisis Core-only town that holds great meaning for protagonist Zack Fair, who also acts as Cloud’s mentor. Even the presence of Banora Whites is a nod to the prequel title – apart from being the signature fruit of the town, these dumbapples (as they are referred to) are associated with antagonist Genesis Rhapsodos as well, known for creating Banora White juice from the fruit itself. In fact, Genesis’ father once owned the largest Banora tree, which was home to the most delicious dumbapples.

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The Final Fantasy VII universe is more than familiar with the craft of dropping easter eggs. Where Crisis Core made obvious allusions to the Biblical tale of Adam and Eve, the original 1997 title saw Wutai’s famous pub Turtle’s Paradise putting up its flyers across various game locations. Those who could find all six of them will then be rewarded with special prizes that include Power Source, Guard Souce, Magic Source, Mind Souce, Speed Source, Luck Source, and Megalixer. Exciting times.

Naturally, Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to bring some new content. Our hands-on preview of the game noted that there were distinct differences from the source material, and it seems likely that Zack (or even Genesis) might be fleshed out a little more here. The trailer, after all, already teased Wutai, a town that was part of an important story arc in Crisis Core showing Zack’s rise to the hero of the Wutai War.

It’s almost certain that Part I of Final Fantasy VII Remake won’t have the Buster Sword-wielder in the picture when it releases on 4 April 2020 on the PS4, but even a little reminder of his legacy is better than none at all.

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