Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Welcomes Godzilla, King Of The Monsters This November

With Mediatonic‘s Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout still in the midst of its second season, the medieval theme is taking yet another sharp turn with the addition of its latest costume. Just like Sonic the Hedgehog, the new addition also hails from Japan.

In celebration of Godzilla Day, the giant lizard has been revealed to be the new kaiju on the block joining the jellybean battle royale. That is, after its date with an adoring fan.

Starting this November 3, fans will be able to get their claws on the all-new Godzilla skin for a total of 10 crowns. Not only are you getting the three rows of dorsal fins, but the character has been designed to fit perfectly into this world. Depending on which game is currently on, prepare for a variety of colours for the kaiju.

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“We are thrilled to collaborate with Mediatonic on this Godzilla costume. With only two months since launch and boasting millions of players worldwide, ‘Fall Guys’ presents such an exciting opportunity for Godzilla fans everywhere,” Lora Cohn, Managing Director, Toho International, Inc. said.

“Now, players will get to celebrate Godzilla Day in such a unique way by putting on the Godzilla suit and stomping their way to victory!”  

With millions of copies already sold, the numbers will only continue to rise with this latest crossover. Jellybeans beware, Godzilla is here to chew you out.

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