Disney Content Showcase APAC 2022: Riding Anime Wave With New Titles For 2023 And Beyond

The anime fever is running hot, especially with the current Fall 2022 slate winning fans over with heavy hitters like Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Arc, Chainsaw Man, Blue Lock, and Spy x Family. It’s hardly surprising that Disney is looking to ride the hype, as it enters 2023 and beyond with a new anime line-up for Disney+.

Revealed during the Japan presentation at the Disney Content Showcase APAC 2022, the list shows off four projects in the pipeline: Murai in Love (Murai no Koi), PHOENIX: EDEN 17, Project BULLET/BULLET, and Synduality, and here’s a quick rundown on each of them.

Murai in Love (Murai no Koi)

A romantic comedy based on the manga of the same name, Murai in Love follows Tanaka, a high-school teacher who loves dating games, and Murai, a student who tries to dress like the character in the game to win her heart. A new concept video was revealed at the event, with no release date announced just yet.


The unfinished series by the godfather of manga Osamu Tezuka, PHOENIX: EDEN 17, has gotten a first trailer. In it, we get a first look at the main character, Romy, who embarks on an journey to Eden 17, where her partner went to start a new life. However, all life on the planet has been exterminated, leaving her to struggle even more when the title comes exclusively to Disney+ sometime in 2023.


Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen, rejoice! Anime director Sung Hoo Park is currently working on an original project titled Project BULLET/BULLET, which has been in the works for a decade. Park’s studio E&H production and GAGA are producing the series, though not much else has been revealed about it. An earlier sketch seems to place it as a post-apocalyptic science-fi title, however.


The mixed-media project created by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Synduality, has received a second teaser, promising plenty of shooting action and combat sequences. It will share the same sci-fi setting as its video game counterpart and is slated to premiere sometime in 2023.

Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown Arc

Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown Arc isn’t a new announcement per se, as it was already announced prior to the showcase. What’s new, however, is the updated visuals for the sequel anime, which is releasing January 2023, with a second part opening in Summer next year.

With more anime titles added to its catalogue, Disney+ users can look forward to having more entertainment options when 2023 rolls around. This is on top of the other popular offerings that are already on the platform, including Spy x Family, Jujustsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia, and Haikyuu!!.