Darksiders Genesis Finally Lets You Play As The Fourth Horseman, Strife

Remember when the Four Horsemen were just a myth? Over the last decade, that myth turned into pixelised reality, as many of us fell in love with the Darksiders franchise. This time, we turn our eyes to the fourth instalment of the action-adventure series: Darksiders Genesis.

Like its three predecessors, Darksiders Genesis will feature one of the Four Horsemen as its main playable protagonist. In this case it’s Strife, the last of the Four we’ve been dying to see in action.

Where War is stoic and serious, Death cold and calculative, Fury headstrong and short-fused, Strife seems the most laid-back of the bunch. Striding in casually into a hall full of demons, he brandishes his two oversized handguns, Mercy and Redemption.

The main difference between Darksiders Genesis and its predecessors is that it will be a Diablo-style action RPG. You’ll still be cutting swathes through hordes of demons and all sorts of baddies, but you’ll be doing it in a more top-down point of view.

From the trailer and box art, it seems that Strife could party up with War, which could spell a really cool couch co-op or online multiplayer experience. We’re not sure if Death and Fury will be playable, though we’re hoping that’ll be the case. Other gameplay features such as character progression and skill systems have yet to be announced.

Darksiders Genesis has yet to have an announce date, but do look out for THQ Nordic’s presentation at E3 2019 later this month. Demo versions of the game will be made playble at the convention hall as well.

As for platforms, Darksiders Genesis will be playable on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, as well as the upcoming Google Stadia.