Chinese Parents On Nintendo Switch Is A Bizarre Tiger Mom Simulation Game

Though some game titles might leave you guessing what exactly you are getting yourself into when booting up the game, developer Moyuwan’s upcoming Nintendo Switch title Chinese Parents leave no doubt as to what you will be playing with. 

This bizarre-sounding slice of life game will simulate what it is like for you to live with Chinese parents and as its premise goes, you will get to play as a child born into an ordinary Chinese family and build up your skills and traits until the end of your high school days, where you take the dreaded ‘gaokao’ exam. 

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Despite its simple sounding premise, what makes this game interesting is that it seems to be a nod to all the stereotypical strictness and high expectations Asian kids are laden on with by their parents. Which is something we are sure most Asian kids have faced growing up.

According to the developers (via Gematsu), you will be able to choose between being a boy or a girl, with each gender getting to experience different stories and characters. Perhaps the son will be more favoured by his parents yet laden with more expectations to do well and provide for his family, while the girl is expected to be good with chores around the house and marry into a rich household? 

Aside from that, players can also choose between 14 friends to date, and get one of over a hundred possible career endings, with players possibly landing the job their parents have always wanted for them, or their own dream job. You will also get to possibly experience the dreaded ‘Tiger Parent’ treatment in the game as well, with your mom and dad forcing you to study as much as possible every day. 

Most interestingly, at the end of your playthrough of Chinese Parents, the next kid you play as will “benefit from your achievements in the previous generation”, offering a unique replay value to the game. 

With all it has to offer, Chinese Parents sound like it will definitely tickle the fancy of both Asians who will more than be able to relate to what is going on in-game, or even non-Asians who are interested to know what it is like growing up with Chinese parents. 

You can check out the trailer for the game below.

The game is currently available on Steam and will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on 20 August 2020

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