Singapore-based Gentlebros’ Cat Quest Franchise Makes Over $5.2 Million With 1.3 Million Downloads Worldwide

Homegrown Singaporean game studio Gentle Bros are best known for their massively popular and adorable mobile game franchise Cat Quest, which first released in 2017, and was followed by its sequel Cat Quest II in 2019. 

Now, just days before Singapore’s National Day, the studio has some good news to share. The Cat Quest franchise has currently achieved over 1.3 million paid downloads, helping to give the studio an earning of over S$5.2 million. This is definitely numbers worth celebrating over, especially from a small three-man indie game studio.

The games, which reached the top charts in the U.S., Japan, and Europe, has won multiple awards such as the Excellence in Visual Art and Design award in the 2nd SEA International Mobile Game Awards 2017. 

“We are beyond thrilled that Cat Quest has broken into international markets so successfully, showing that locally-made products can reach a global audience as well!” says Gentlebros co-founder, Desmond Wong.

To celebrate their success and give back to their fans who have made this all possible, Gentle Bros will be releasing a free major update to Cat Quest II, titled The Mew World.

The main star of The Mew World will be a brand new game mode that has players selecting up to eight ‘meowdifiers’ that have the ability to change the way the game is played in drastic ways, making each playthrough a unique and fresh experience.

Aside from the new game mode, players will now have the ability to sprint around maps, giving them the ability to cover greater distances in less time. New enemies have also been added to the maps, and players will get to play around with a new Royal Art skill, the Pawer Smash, that unleashes a devastating attack unique to the weapon equipped on the player’s character. 

More details on the major update can be found on Cat Quest’s official website.

The Cat Quest franchise is currently available on Apple Arcade, iOS, Android, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.