‘Contra: Operation Galuga’ Remagines Iconic 80s Game

80s kids might remember Contra, one of the most popular arcade and console games when it first launched. The game still remains as a classic, and now, it will get a modern update with Contra: Operation Galuga being announced at the Nintendo Direct showcase.

Apart from the Nintendo Switch, the game will also be available on PC, Xbox, and PS5.

The shooter game also debuted a first-look trailer which keeps the charm of the 80s while refreshing its look, including new stages, enemies, and bosses to fight your way through. Contra: Operation Galuga will feature co-op combat for up to two players in Story Mode or four players in Arcade Mode, so grab a friend and get shooting.

contra: operation galuga

Play as Contra unit operatives Bill Rizer and Lance Bean as you take on eight stages of enemies, and stop the Red Falcon terrorist group from plunging the world into chaos. You’ll recognise familiar foes like Gromaides, the terrifying alien dragon boss in Stage 3, various Red Falcon soldier enemies, and the game will introduce the fearsome General Varanis of the Red Falcon.

A free demo is available on the game’s website, letting players experience selected scenes from the first and third levels that teases a taste of what’s to come when the game launches on 13 March 2024.